Today we will be talking about Rolling Admissions. Rolling Admission is a part of the application cycle for some colleges in which the schools evaluate applications as they are received, with out any set deadlines. one advantage of rolling admissions is getting quicker responses from the colleges. Since the schools release decisions on an on-going basis, you might only have to wait for weeks instead of months to hear back from them. Since rolling decision grants a long application window, colleges with rolling admission can be your last minute options, as they tend to have late deadlines.

One caveat about rolling decision is that spots at schools with rolling admission might fill up very quickly, and the longer one waits the harder it will be to get accepted. Hence, applying as early as possible is encouraged.

While no Ivy League colleges use a rolling admissions system, there are many reputable colleges that do. Some of these include Purdue University, Arizona State, Michigan State, University of Pittsburgh, Indiana, Pace University, Roger Williams, Rutgers, Loyola Mary mount, among many others.

Schools with rolling admission generally have higher acceptance rates, but it might be hard to get accepted as spaces become limited. So applying early is very advantageous.

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The Author is a rising junior at Columbia University studying Computer Science and Psychology.